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Yogi Mamas: Self-care is not selfish

Yogi Mamas: Self-care is not selfish

There was a time in my life when a 5-minute shower was a luxury. All the other minutes in a day were filled with caring for a tiny bundle. There was definitely no yoga, no green smoothies or relaxing afternoon teas with friends. (more…)

Hanna Skomra

Mamas in Class. Teacher’s Guide – Part II

Mamas in Class. Teacher's Guide - Part II

As a society, we give expecting mums a lot of focus. There’s pregnancy yoga, an array of body therapies, pampering sessions and baby showers. The birth itself is the spotlight. We make birth plans, go to active birth classes and everyone is really excited about the due date. (more…)

Hanna Skomra

The do’s and the dont’s of Mama Yoga

The do's and the dont's of Mama Yoga

Prenatal, Pregnant or Postnatal Yoga — these are not the same animal!

Yes, you read that right. There are three different stages and they each require something different. Here is a quick skinny on how to approach each of them. If you’re curious about becoming a pregnancy yoga teacher, check out YogaLondon’s Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training


Hanna Skomra
Pregnancy Yoga Guide

How to Teach Yoga to a New Mum – Part I

How to Teach Yoga to a New Mum - Part I

It’s your regular weekly vinyasa class, packed with students and suddenly, that former student who was pregnant walks in. She’s had her baby! Great and now…..what do you do? What are your post-natal techniques? How do you adjust for this new mom? (more…)

Hanna Skomra