Counterpose Significance

The Importance of Counterposes

The importance of doing counterposes in yoga class. It sounds like a great title to a theatrical production of being a yoga teacher — but there is a huge significance and need for counterposes in a class. A counterpose is an asana that integrates the action of the preceding asana. For example, a pose that […]

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Teach Yoga
Health, Practice, Pre And Postnatal Yoga

How to Teach Yoga to a New Mum – Part I

It’s your regular weekly vinyasa class, packed with students and suddenly, that former student who was pregnant walks in. She’s had her baby! Great and now…..what do you do? What are your post-natal techniques? How do you adjust for this new mom? Here’s some clues –  This is generally what’s happening for that Mum: She’s spent

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Headstand Preparation

The 5 Basic Principles of Yoga Sequencing

You know when you’ve been to a really great class. You were moved seamlessly through warm up poses, into active invigorating poses, into a really deep peak pose and then smoothly cooled down to the final Śavāsana. You ache the next day in a satisfying, you’ve-worked-in-all-the-right-places kind of way. If you’re a yoga teacher, or

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