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Authentic Practice

3 Steps to a More Authentic Yoga Practice

There are three ways to practice authenticity in yoga. The first is to learn how to connect with your heart. The second is to connect in with your heart every day. And the third is to honour the wisdom of the heart by taking appropriate action. How to do this? Let’s find out.  1. Connect

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Teacher Toolkit
Amplifying Others Voices, On Yoga Teaching

Interview: Mark Bonington’s Top Three Tips for Yoga Teachers

Mark Bonington is the published author of ‘How to Start Teaching Yoga‘, reiki healer, barre teacher trainee, amateur opera singer, writer, social media marketing expert– is there anything he can’t do? But first and foremost he’s a passionate yoga teacher, with a lot to say! He’s also a YogaLondon graduate, so it was lovely to

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