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Interview: Sidonie Gaucher on how Yoga has Helped her to Come to Terms with her Deafness

Experienced journalist Sidonie Gaucher was one of the very first YogaLondon 200-hour graduates, who has decided to celebrate her ten-year graduation anniversary by taking the 500-hour course. Her love of yoga nidra and the philosophy of yoga has helped guide her through extreme hardship, with severe eye problems, and then sudden deafness, and has allowed

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Ana T. Forrest
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The Cheeky Yogi Listens to the Nonsense she Spouts

Everything is subjective. Yoga is highly subjective. Words are subjective. Even left and right is subjective. I know that ‘traditionally’ left is, well, on the left and right is on the other side. But if you stand in front of a mirror, then magic happens. What was left is now right. So it’s wrong, because

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Prāna Introduction
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Yoga Beyond The Body: Part I

It’s a relatively well-known fact that one of the founding Yoga texts, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, doesn’t mention much about asana. In fact, the only reference the sutras make to physical postures rather plainly states the importance of sitting comfortably.1 This might seem at odds with the plethora of physical variations of yoga now readily available.

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Christmas Self Care
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YogaLondon and Oxford joining forces

YogaLondon’s exclusive course on the Philosophy of Yoga is run jointly by YogaLondon (YL) and the prestigious Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS). We talked to our very own co-founders, Edward Serrano and Rebecca Ffrench, who gave us the inside info on this new partnership. How did the partnership between YogaLondon and the OCHS come

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The User’s Guide to the Chakras

The chakras are one of the technologies of Tantra Yoga used to achieve harmony and balance in one’s life. A chakra is an intersection between to nadis: energetic pathways through which the life energy prana flows. The seven major chakras are usually represented by a column of seven coloured symbols (or yantras) aligned along the

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