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The Best of Online Yoga

Who’s Who and What’s What at 5 of the Internet’s hottest studios Whilst it’s true that London – like many of the world’s capital cities – has more yoga studios than ever before, it can still be difficult to get to class. With long days in the office, kids’ after-school rotas, socialising and the need […]

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Bandha Mastery
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The Definitive Guide to the Bandhas with Annie Carpenter

Becoming a yogi is like being given the secret to gaining superpowers. There are ways that we can work the physical body to summon up superhuman sources of energy, vitality, and strength.  One of these super-yogi methods is ‘THE BANDHAS’. So, what exactly are the bandhas? Translated into English they mean bondage, restraint, joining together,

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Lockdown Classes
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Interview: Shannen Li on how YogaLondon’s 500-hour Teacher Training got her through Lockdown

Shannen Li is a woman of many talents: a single mother to two teenage boys, lecturer in Marketing, yoga teacher, holistic therapist, and passionate green advocate. She talks to YogaLondon about her approach to motherhood, her love of Autumn, and why she has been wowed by the YogaLondon 500-hour teacher training course. 1. What do

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Drishti Focus
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Getting to the Core of Chaturanga Dandasana

Chaturanga dandasana — the pose students love to hate. Here is a whistlestop tour exploring the ins and outs of this iconic and challenging asana. What’s the Point? I find there is sometimes misunderstanding about what chaturanga dandasana is. We use it in our sun salutes to go from high plank to the floor, or straight into upward

Restorative Overview
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The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Many people associate the word ‘yoga’ with photos of young, beautiful models contorting themselves into impossible poses on the cover of some magazine or in a Lululemon shop window — but that’s actually a bit of a misnomer. Asana practice, as physical yoga postures are rightly called, is just one of the Eight Limbs of

Embracing Neophilia
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The Yoga of New Things: Neophilia for Yogis

Neophilia is the love of the new. It’s not so much focused on love for brand-new, straight-out-of-the-box things, but much more on the seeking out of new experiences. Neophiles are people who love novelty, who seek the thrill of doing things they’ve never done before. And they’re not necessarily adrenaline junkies; you can be a

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Post Lockdown Teaching
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How to Re-start your Yoga Teaching in a Post-Pandemic World

As yoga studios reopen their doors, in-person classes start up again and the UK moves on from lockdowns, yoga teachers here in the UK are re-thinking how to deliver their yoga teaching. There’s no doubt that the way we deliver yoga has changed. So how do we restructure our yoga teaching businesses (again) in a

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Yoga prescription
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Yoga Beyond the Body: Part II

Once we start to move beyond a purely physical practice, and come to appreciate the deeper psychological dimensions of yoga, we start to see that it’s not all about poses. Yoga is about finding a sense of awareness that connects us to ourselves and to life itself. It’s possible to have the most impressive asana

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The Yogi’s Bookshelf: Mudras For Modern Life by Swami Saradananda

How ancient gestures can boost your health, enhance your yoga and deepen your meditation. Every so often it’s fun to add a new layer to your practice. Something that takes you a little further into the yoga experience, sheds new light on familiar territory, or guides the way towards uncharted realms within. Mudras can do

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