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How Do You Know You’re Ready for Yoga Teacher Training?

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You love yoga. You’ve been going for a little while now, and you’re pretty sure that you’re quite good at it. You look forward to your classes and you daydream about being a teacher, with all the freedom and extra yoga-ing that that would bring to your life. But it’s a pipe-dream, right? WRONG! Here’s eight ways to know if you’re ready to start your yoga teacher training. (more…)

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The Importance of Finding the Right Yoga Teacher

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What are the important relationships in our lives? Our other halves, our parents, our children, our besties – but what about the student-teacher relationship? How important is that? According to ancient Indian culture, the relationship between a Guru and a shishya (disciple) is a very special one, even transcending the bond between parent and child, or husband and wife. While that may be a bit extreme for our Western sensibilities, it’s undeniable that finding the right teacher is a crucial part of our yoga journey.

Yoga is a lifelong journey and the teacher that guides you on that journey is a key part of it. They will ask you to do things with your body that it’s never done before and you need to have absolute faith in them that they will teach you safely while challenging you to move beyond your comfort zone at the same time. Here is our take on how to find the right teacher for YOU. (more…)

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One Weekend Workshop to up your skills

Brahmacarya – Is Everything In Moderation Really The Yogic Way?

Brahmacarya – Is Everything In Moderation Really The Yogic Way?

Sex, food, yoga – are these things we should only have in moderation? In a world of sensory overload, it’s easy to get confused between what we need, and what we want, but how would you react if we told you that sex, food and even yoga should all be taken in moderation?


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Yogi’s Guide: Strong Summer Legs

Yogi's Guide: Strong Summer Legs

Spring is here with it’s promise of glorious summer days. Soon legs will be tempted out from hibernation. Freedom from tights. No more trousers. Bring out the shorts and skirts I say!

This is a truly time of joy for most. And dread for many as the reality of what nature has bestowed on us in the leg department falls short of the media ideal. Very few of us have supermodel length legs that are sculpted to perfection. But fear not – yoga and our anatomy is all we need for super strong, summer legs. So, roll out your mat and set your intention. Lovely legs here we come! (more…)

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Pregnancy Yoga Guide

Ten Tips for Shifting Your Yoga into Spring

Ten Tips for Shifting Your Yoga into Spring

We humans tend to be creatures of habit. We stick to our routines like clockwork come rain or shine because there’s a comfort to familiarity. However, sometimes it’s worth shifting gear with the seasons, to take advantage of the natural vibrancy of Spring.

The days are getting longer and the nights are shortening. There is more light, more warmth (sporadically – this is the UK after all), the Easter holidays have come and gone and it’s time to get back to business. So here are our TOP TEN tips for how to infuse your yoga practice with the energy of Spring. (more…)

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