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How to Cosy Up for Autumn

Well, 2020 has been quite the year, but one thing that we haven’t had to complain about this year is the weather. We probably tried – we’re British after all – but it would have been unfounded because the sun has shone and shone and shone and shone. But the forecast this week says that

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Neck Pain
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The Cheeky Yogi and her Scientific Experiments

I am turning into a bit of a sleuth/scientist. So much so that I reckon I could give Sherlock Holmes and Marie Curie a run for their money. No longer able to read a single paragraph of a blog, book or report without double checking and cross referencing everything. I have taken my investigations even

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Diet's Impact
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9 Ways Diet Changes Your Practice

You want to increase your flexibility, get rid of an old injury or achieve a yoga posture you’ve struggled with? What you eat can make a difference. Here are 9 ways food can improve your yoga practice or any other physical activity: 1. Happy joints and flexibility Flexibility relates to the range of movement in your joints and the length

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