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3 Reasons Why Men Should Teach Pregnancy Yoga

Not the most obvious of titles for sure, it’s hard enough getting most men into a yoga class in general, let alone convincing them that they should take up teaching pregnant women someday. As the ‘macho’ male stereotype is still yet to be fully broken by most societies, the idea that men may one day

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Holiday cancelled? Plan a Stay-at-home Mini Weekend Retreat

If you’re one of the multitudes of people who have booked holidays this summer, you’ll be wondering if you should just cancel it now, or wait and see. But the truth is, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it’s unlikely we’ll be jetting off to foreign climes for holidays in 2020. The official line from

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Yoga User’s Guide
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Interview: Jonathan Thompson on How to Heal Yourself through Yoga

Jonathan Thompson is an Ashtangi, YogaLondon 200-hour teacher trainer, and a deeply sensitive and emotionally intuitive person. Here he talks to us about the impact of his father’s early death, the mutually supportive relationship he has with his mother and how, for him, yoga, coaching, and psychology are all different sides of the same coin.

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Applying the lessons of pregnancy yoga into our practice

Poppy Pickles recalls her introduction to yoga through antenatal yoga, and reflects that the lessons she learnt then are still useful in her practice today.  From the beginnings of getting to know her body from the inside out, to the practical implications post-pregnancy, many lessons can be learned from pregnancy yoga.  The very first yoga

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Derek Peach
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Interview: Derek Peach on Tapping into our Energy Fields

Derek Peach has been on quite a journey from a suited cynic to an energy healer. He is a 200 -hour RYT, a Vibrational Fascia Release Technician and Biofield Tuning Practitioner. We know what the first one is, but the other two you may not be so familiar with. YogaLondon gets chatting to find out

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